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    Thumbs down UrgentVPS - awful, bad, very poor! Words fail me...

    Hi All,

    Just thought I would give you a quick update on UrgentVPS.

    As regular readers of this forum will know, UrgentVPS service is generally regarded as absolutely awful by anybody that has been subjected to hosting with them.

    At present they are refusing to answer my tickets, after me having pointed out performance problems with disk IO some time ago on the VPS and eventually asking for a refund (this ticket has now been left unanswered for over 6 weeks after multiple requests for a response from myself!).
    The host server is still hugely overloaded and I get daemons dying on me regularly, even though the VPS is now only being used for very light backup duties! lol

    In addition to this, I paid UrgentVPS in advance for 1 year of VPS hosting and cPanel licensing. My cPanel license should not expire for another couple of months, but it seems to have expired over a month ago! (a regular occurance with UrgentVPS BTW).
    I'm not using the VPS as a primary server any more as it was unusable, so only noticed a few days ago (I just use it for backup or emergency failover, which I can't do without my cPanel license working lol).
    Having raised a support ticket asking UrgentVPS to look into the matter I still have no response after 2 days and don't expect one really.

    Anybody else still hosting with these guys, or am I the last?

    When my 12 months is up, I certainly will not be renewing and will never use UrgentVPS again.

    My advice is to stay very well clear of this company. I'm not even going to go into the regular and lengthy downtimes experienced during my time with them or the issues with cPanel licensing though UrgentVPS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedude76 View Post
    As regular readers of this forum will know, UrgentVPS service is generally regarded as absolutely awful by anybody that has been subjected to hosting with them.
    I was not aware of such things. However, I take most reviews with a grain of salt. Many are written from chicken littles, or competitors who slam companies the can't compete with on bandwidth or price. That said, I am not saying your gripe falls into that category. I am simply giving a broad overview. I did not know that about this company in regards to your reference.

    Back on topic, what were you running on your VPS? I am just curious to know if it was something resource intensive. However, based on the details you've provided with no answer for 2 days, or up to 6 weeks, I would have to concede you're spot on if their support takes that long to get back with you.
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    Hi Barefootsies,

    I agree, there are times when people get irate with providers on WHT for little reason, but there are also many genuine complaints. Finding a good VPS provider is very difficult.

    I've had quite a few VPS over the years and none have been so poor as UrgentVPS. The only reason I've still got the service (if you can call it that) is because I was daft enough to pay for 1 year in advance, which is something I'll not do again (I suppose education is an expensive thing .

    I've had the VPS with UrgentVPS for about 8-9 months and in that time they have moved data centre no less than 3 times. Each move was without notice and caused lengthy downtime of over 24 hours, rebuilds, IP changes, etc.
    They have constant problems with their cPanel licensing provider. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to raise a ticket to get my cPanel license reissued.
    The VPS was having huge disk IO issues, I did some fio random read test and got results of 8kB/sec!!! This issue went on for about 1 month making the VPS useless. I've just checked the VPS today and the disk IO issue seems to have been fixed, but the list of problems just goes on...

    As mentioned previously, I have a cPanel license issue at the moment and the ticket still has not been answered after 3 days. Another ticket has not been answered for over 6 weeks, despite a number of requests for some kind of response.

    I expect issues to arise with services at some point and thus make contingency plans for such events, but with UrgentVPS it has unfortunately been constant issues. Now they are no longer answering support tickets things have hit a new low.

    I had basically written this service off over a month ago as a mistake, but thought I would share my experience with others. I hope other WHT users get a better service than I've had!


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