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    Cpanel Updating Reseller Nameserver

    Sorry I'm kind of novice with this as I am primarily a designer... But could anyone direct my on how to change my NameServers using a cPanel reseller? I remember it having to do something with Edit DNS Zone...

    So basically I need to add the NS1 and NS2 to a domain and set the IP's for it then change all the nameservers for the domains I host.

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    As I can recall, once you got your NS and their IP addresses (given by your hosting provider), you will need to register both 2 NS and their IP addresses at your domain registrar (and point your reseller domain, as well as other domains you host, to Nameservers you just registered/created).

    And after that, on you WHM reseller control panel (on the "Basic cPanel & WHM Setup" section), you just need to set those Nameserver fields with the NS you just registered/created at your domain registrar.

    NS registrations and records changes may take 24-72 hours to take effect (propagated).
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