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    Best VFM Link building provider

    I'm looking for the best value for money link building providers. Something like they recommended?)

    Any suggestions?

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    I have never used them before, and am not a big fan of paying for link building programs. The thing about them is that you are not the only one paying so the odds that you are getting strong links are slim. If you are going to use them make sure that you get a link profile ahead of time that will let you know the link address, amount of outbound links, and where the link will be on the page.

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    I did not use submitedge for link building even it is good company. However their price is little bit more than Indian companies for same services.

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    One of the best value for money link building providers would be yourself as you already know what you exactly want. But, of course, you need to a toolset to help you come up with a solid link building campaign, which, I think, the seoMOZ pro software can provide. There's a month free trial to see it for yourself. ref.

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    I think you should choose a new companyfor your websites's link building. New company will make links for you in very reasonable pricing and you can pay them after verifying your link carefully.

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    i always prefer manual link building.

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    manual free link is my favorite.

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