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    * -25% off for life- Win 32GB iPod touch-VPS panel/Backups/100% Uptime is a provider of quality Shared & Reseller hosting, VPS/Dedicated servers, and colocation services.

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    Next 32 clients (11 spots left at time of writing this post) to sign-up for a yearly hosting account will get a chance to win one of 2 Apple 32GB 4th Gen iPod Touch! ES-0 plan not counted!

    We have now doubled the bandwidth on each and every one of our plans (shared/reseller/vps), we have also lowered the cost of bandwidth upgrades which are now available in your client area!

    Fueled by the need of a satisfactory customer service & performance/uptime based Canadian hosting and server solutions, ElicitServers was created by level 2 & 3 support technicians for various large, country-wide ISP's. Even our sales agents are fully qualified to answer your technical questions, though they may escalate to a tech for a 2nd opinion in order to get you the answers you need.

    Current offers - enter these coupon codes at sign-up!
    5DOLLAR - $5/yr ES-0 plan!
    NEWYEAR2011 - $10/yr ES-1 plan!
    80PERCENT - 80% off your first month! You may use OPENER coupon afterward if interested for a lifetime 25% off, submit ticket
    CINQ - 50% off your first invoice! This includes from monthly to 1 year billing cycles*
    50LIFE - recurring 50% off for life!
    OPENER - Lifetime 25% off, no matter the billing cycle*!

    * We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, biennial & triennial billing cycles. Further discounts are given, 5% for semi-annual, 10% for annual, biennial & triennial. features:
    * 100% network/power uptime
    * 100% owned & maintained equipment

    * Custom VPS panel (start/shutdown/restart/rebuild/change password/TUNTAP/etc...)
    * 24/7/365 bilingual support
    * Nearly 24/7 live support
    * RAID protected storage on 15K RPM drives
    * Gbit connectivity
    * Accessible off-site backups (2x per week) for shared/reseller/VPS plans
    * Root access to VPS/Dedicateds
    * Customer service driven
    * 30 day money back guarantee *pro-rated for VPS/Dedicated, full for Shared/Reseller
    * Instant activation
    * Free website transfers
    * End user support available

    Running out of Montreal, QC, our network/power model is built with 100% uptime in mind, with redundant switches & cross connects, powered by Cisco with Juniper routers. Redundant power supplies/sources for all of our equipment (shared/reseller/VPS). We have multiple upstream providers running in BGP for redundant connectivity (NLayer, Tiscali, Level3, Teleglobe, Videotron).

    Want to run some speed tests? You can find our speed tests here.

    Available plans
    * We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, biennial & triennial billing cycles. Further discounts are given, 5% for semi-annual, 10% for annual, biennial & triennial.

    All plans are hosted on a minimum of dual quad-core (8 CPU) servers

    VPS server plans
    # 64Mb RAM (128Mb burst)
    # 2Gb storage
    # 50Gb transfer
    # 1 IP address
    $4.95/month before coupon code ($0.99 for 1st month with coupon code 80PERCENT, $3.71/month afterwards with coupon code OPENER)

    # 128Mb RAM (256Mb burst)
    # 5Gb storage
    # 100Gb transfer
    # 1 IP address
    $6.95/month before coupon code

    # 256Mb RAM (512Mb burst)
    # 10Gb storage
    # 200Gb transfer
    # 1 IP address
    $12.95/month before coupon code

    # 512Mb RAM (1024Mb burst)
    # 20Gb storage
    # 400Gb transfer
    # 2 IP addresses
    $19.90/month before coupon code

    # 1024Mb RAM (2048Mb burst)
    # 40Gb storage
    # 800Gb transfer
    # 2 IP addresses
    $39.80/month before coupon code

    # 2048Mb RAM (4096Mb burst)
    # 80Gb storage
    # 1.6Tb transfer
    # 2 IP addresses
    $79.60/month before coupon code

    Available addons:
    Additional IP's: $2/month or $20/year, contact us for a block of IP's (justification required)
    Additional 100Gb transfer (500Gb & 1Tb available as well): $5/month
    Upgrade to 100Mbps: $5/month
    Upgrade to 1Gbit: Contact us

    Control panels:
    cPanel/WHM (256Mb+ RAM only): $15/month
    DirectAdmin (256Mb+ RAM only): $15/month

    RVSkin: $4/month
    Fantastico: $4/month
    Softaculous: $4/month

    cPanel is located on the order form (please select appropriate OS which includes cPanel), and other control panels & add-ons are located in our client area by modifying the related service found in the "My Services" section.

    If you have any questions at all, please don't refrain from asking our support staff through a support ticket, they are very supportive and looking forward to answering your requests. Response times are guaranteed to be very quick. Click here to quickly & easily submit a ticket!
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    ElicitServers - Canadian hosting dedicated customer satisfaction! Shared/Reseller/VPS/Dedi/Colo
    100% redundant, 100% owned/maintained, GigE connectivity
    Offsite backups, 24/7 support (1-877-533-8993), 30-day money back | cPanel hosting

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