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    * New Web Host

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I have recently started my own web hosting company (today) and would like to know some key features everyone likes to see in a host.

    Any comments will be extremely helpful :-) thanks in advance.

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    Post RE:

    Attractive Theme
    SSL (Secure)
    WHMCS (Easy to use)
    Cheap Plans

    Those are the main things which people are looking for when they visit webhosting companies. In some occasions people like the choice as to where the server is located:

    Europe, UK, USA, Japan, Offshore..

    Hope this helped.

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    Good support is definitely the most important thing in web hosting. I would focus on that, as well as keeping the service stable.

    cPanel is also an important feature for me.

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    Thanks for such a quick reply! Am I aloud to give my URL out on here so I can ask for a quick review on the website look and the packages offered?

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    No your not allowed to post your URL, because you are already open for business...

    You can however put the info in your forum sig... People do click on sig links.

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    People defently want uptime. Whats the point of having a really good host, competitive prices, good template , good staff etc etc if it has terrible uptime, nobody is going to recommend going to that host if it has terrible uptime.

    Aim to have as much uptime as possible!

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    Thanks again! Well I have had server online for about 12 hours with No downtime :-) also cant add a signature until I have done 10 posts and been on here 7 days so you will have to wait until then :-( my username is a hint and I'm in the uk though.

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    I think ultimately the features people want to see are going to depend on your target market, but as mentioned performance, stability and support are probably the top 3 in general.

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    True, 'Server Uptime & Hi-Speed Server connection/access' and 'Great Customer Service & Quick Response' would be 2 things people want to get - and followed by the cheap and affordable price
    The rest/other features can be anything you want to provide (as an additional services maybe) - such as: free web design for annual sign up, or give free 2-3 months for annual sign up, etc.
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    Server uptime and Customer service are the two biggest things customers look for.

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    The most important feature is a great support. Is what will keep your customers.

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    Good uptime
    Excellent Support/Customer Service


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    2) You have whois privacy protection, as a domain that is used for business/commerce, this breaks nominets rules.
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