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    Big thank you to

    Not sure if you saw my review of about a month or so ago. Any way in that review I mentioned the speed issues I was having. After lots of discussion as to the cause of the speed issues as well as time out issues which I assumed were related those have been fixed. It was more an issue with my isp then the host we even did a remote support deal to see where the issue was.

    Recently The set up Varnish + Apache instead of litespeed. Which interestingly enough did improve speeds by a lot Even shows a speed improvement. Going by pingdom before the Varnish was installed and set up the page load times were averaging around 16seconds and now it is averaging around 9seconds.
    I also set up an exact copy of that site on another host and did the same speed tests and the average is the same. The other host uses litespeed.

    Oh the site is - I know I have not done any updates to it but I will soon, kind of waiting on a few scripts to get done and it was put on hold do to the issues listed above and in the other thread.

    Now even though Varnish has improved speeds by a very noticeable amount. Varnish does seem to have issues with the script I use so it had to be turned off for my domain which interestingly enough did not effect the speed according to pingdom and when I load it my self.

    The script issue is actually why I am posting this as a thank you as the host worked very hard with me to try and find what was causing the issue. I went back and forth with the host as well as with the script support and as long as varnish is off for my domain every thing works fine.

    The script I use is Invision Power board and there is a huge thread on their forum about the issues between ipb and varnish so I am not the only customer having issues with it. There were a few changes suggested in that thread but they did not seem to make varnish with with IPB.

    Any way I would like to thank again the host for all the hard work they put into trying to get this issue fixed.
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    Thank you for your candid review. We will continue to work on the issues with IPB and Varnish and hope to have a resolution that we can not only deploy, but share back with UNIXy so that they can include the VCL changes into their deployed script.

    The scary thing about Varnish is that there is still a lot more performance that can be wrung out of it with proper coding of the VCLs. I suspect that over time we will see steady improvements in performance.

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    Glad to hear that you're satisfied with your host

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    Ya lately I have been thinking I am over working them. They are actually still hard at work on this compatibility issue between ipb and Varnish.

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