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    Please aparise is it suitable for VPS business?


    Iam already in web hosting business and decided to start VPS hosting
    and just now found is available (i really wondered about the availability of this 5 letter domain) and registered
    Is the domain suitable for my business?
    Will my customers remember this domain?
    How much it is worth if sell to an end user (to a VPS hosting company) ?

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    I think this is a good domain for VPS - it's certainly memorable. At the moment though it's worth nothing more than the registration fee. It's up to you to add value to it.

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    When you say this name it could sound like your saying vps so it is no good. Some may mis-understand you and type in

    Also, VPYES appears to be VP YES

    so does not even make you think of vps.

    Try and go for VPSYES, that way people know what you said and know what you do with the first word.

    Best of luck!

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