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    Long initial delay during certain hours period

    I noticed my cloud server has long initial delay during certain hours. Im hosted at softlayer n the long delay happens during day time in US. My server load did not increase significantly during these times.

    Wht could cause this delay? Busy dns at softlayer?

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    It could be a number of things from your ISP to the SAN unit running on overdrive for other VM's on their cloud and your VM is just a causality. Have you contact SL during this period of time to investigate it?

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    Yes I have but when u said isp, u mean my isp? But browsing other websites are fast for me

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    Can you tell us your server configuration and website content ?

    Without this info it seems to be network issues that are caused due to high traffic on another VM in the same machine or router. Or even DoS attacks ( although unlikely). Contacting Softlayer would be the best bet.

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    they've fixed it. caused by wrong resolver

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