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Thread: Server loads

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    Server loads

    What would you consider high server loads?

    is a last minute avg of 5.9 and 15 minute average of 2.5 high?

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    What is the server(s) spec, what is it used for?
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    It depends on the server specs that you are using. (e.g: a load of 6 on a single CPU is considered high).

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    Read this, it explains it very nicely!

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    Having a load of 5 can be a problem. On some servers I have seen the load going above 5 causing email, web, dns etc to work intermittently. I have also seen a load of 5 with out issues. It does depend on the hardware in the server and what you have installed and configured on it... Multiple cores servers function differently under high loads than single cpu servers..

    Good Luck!

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    High loads can be a problem. Not good on your processor, not good on your connection and etc. Everything shouts "No Good" when you have high loads.

    So do tell us at least what you're running on the server? Is it happening once in a blue moon or is it often? Do give us a bit more detail.
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    Few more stats
    Current Time: Monday, 02-May-2011 11:25:47 CDT
    Restart Time: Monday, 02-May-2011 10:46:02 CDT
    Parent Server Generation: 0
    Server uptime: 39 minutes 45 seconds
    Total accesses: 40234 - Total Traffic: 378.7 MB
    CPU Usage: u36.6 s11.2 cu1179.68 cs0 - 51.5% CPU load
    16.9 requests/sec - 162.6 kB/second - 9.6 kB/request
    47 requests currently being processed, 48 idle workers

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    If you run the command top from the command line what is using the most cpu etc?

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    Very nice tutorial

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    Thanks for that great article! My host was telling me that the server I am on was ok as long as the load was under 10! (Single core CPU) Thinking outloud -- maybe that was why my MySQL and PHP scripts were so taking so long?

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    It would depend on the number of cores on the server. General rule: server load should be 50% less than the number of cores. So a load of 4 is ok on an 8 core server, though for some people this is high (this includes me).

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    A load of 800 on an 8 core server can be okay.. Really depends on what you're doing if it's going to be an issue. If you're doing realtime shiz say financial transactions (share trading) a long process queue is very bad because you'll miss a price or something.

    General rule of thumb tends to be load < cores otherwise you got problems.. Which of course isn't actually technically true.

    This is why we have schedulers at the end of the day...

    If you have a high load caused by contention and it's causing issues then you probably should do something about that but just because it's high doesn't mean you have a problem.

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    it really depends. I find it more useful to look at the cpu % utilization and i/o wait %.
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    check if your memory is swapping. that's when it gets bad.

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