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    Need vpslatch Support asap !

    i know vpslatch has been takeover by hostdime
    but where are the real support vpslatch
    please contact me asap
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    You have to contact their helpdesk rather than posting in WHT. This isn't their helpdesk.
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    i have many experince if i create on this thread they asap resolve my problem ,i
    if i waiting support ticket it need many time
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    If you open a ticket the issue should be resolved within a few moments as long as you present the whole issue you are experiencing in the ticket as well as documentation on how the techs can recreate your issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bernadetta View Post
    if i waiting support ticket it need many time
    And yet, that's the proper way to receive support from your host.
    Having problems, or maybe questions about WHT? Head over to the help desk!
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