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    Apache timeouts with low server load

    Hello everyone

    I recently moved my site to a new VPS and since then i've been having a lot of issues. After starting apache, the site loads fine. But once apache has been running for a day, the site starts loading slower and eventually every request times out. If i restart apache, the site loads fine again.

    A few specs:
    VPS with 256mb ram of which 75% is in use
    During the timeouts, the serverload is never higher than 0.10. If the site is running fine this is higher, arounf 0.60.

    Things i've already did:
    Ping the server, which gave pretty normal speeds
    Trace the server, which also only took around ~100ms
    Check apaches error log, which has practicly no entries during the timeout time

    I'm really suspecting this has something to do with apache, since the site loads again after restarting apache.

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    What does ipcs -a and cat /proc/user_beancounters show in the moments you notice the timeouts?

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    Maybe your apache haven't enough free slots. Enable server-status and check, if there are some free slots.

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