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    PopTop Vpn Change Server Public IP

    Hello all,

    I am trying to change the server ip of my pptp server (POPTOP) on CentOS.

    clients now connect to the server using vpn ip i gave to them but shows the client ip as which is the main server ip.
    I dont want the server main ip to be visible.

    Anyone knows how to make it work ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Check the VPN configuration and see if you bind it to that secondary IP only - might direct the traffic out there as well.
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    as i'am newby , i would appreciate if you could tell me more about this.
    how can i bind it to a specific IP
    and what do you mean by VPN configuration ? (which file should i edit ?)

    thanks for your attention.

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    My guess is that you have multiple IPs on that server. Make sure that is a routable IP. Also it would be useful to know what does your pptpd.conf look like.

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