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    What's the best netbook?

    Hi guys!

    I'm thinking of buying a netbook and was wondering which ones you would suggest. I've been eyeing the Gateway LT3119u because it sounds good but I'm not sure.

    And what are the pros and cons of a netbook? I've heard people talking about overheating...?

    Thanks guys! <3

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    Check out the HP mini, that one is very nice. I leave it on all day, never over heats.

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    apple macbook will be the best
    and it also never get overheated

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    The best netbook todate is the EEE Transformer
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    First, i wouldn't go with anything less than an Atom dual-core. I have the Samsung NF210, i use for programming on the go, and office work, or browsing. It works like a charm, light, long battery life (6 hours writing). It also plays movies, but not 1080p.

    In short, if you buy a netbook, know you're buying it to browse and do work like a described above, don't expect to play heavy games, and HD movies.

    There's a 12-in Acer netbook that i liked, but was much more expensive. Can't remember the model however. It has an nVidia Ion GPU, GREAT netbook.

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    Yeah, Apple Mac-Book is best choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by decent View Post
    Yeah, Apple Mac-Book is best choice.
    Probably not considered a netbook by most, but you'd be hard pressed to find that much power packed into that small of a laptop, and the last iteration of the Air has an 11" version. Again, it's a little bigger and a lot more powerful than what most people consider a netbook.

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    i would suggest a brand that have a service center near you,
    because they are really fragile
    please cmiiw always

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    I'd suggest taking a run to your local BestBuy and a few other places and take em for a little keyboard feel test. I know when I was looking I hated the way HP's keyboard felt. I ended up with a Asus. It had the best feel/fit for me.

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    I picked up two Acer Aspire One netbooks from my local Wal-mart just to see how they would perform and I've been extremely satisfied with them. I don't suggest buying computers from Wal-mart though but, the good thing about Wal-mart is you can pretty much return them at any time.

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    They are so many out there and lots come out daily ... the best in my opinion would be a light weight one thats easy to carry on .. long battery life .. and decent horse power under the hud ... anything like this out there ? :-)

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    I love my HP Mini 210 HD (using it right now at work actually ). I'll break it down by component.

    This is the biggest issue people have with netbooks. I don't understand how people can work on a screen with 1024x600 resolution regardless the size but try it out and see if it works for you, if not make sure you don't buy a netbook with a WSVGA display.

    My first netbook (HP Mini-Note 2133) had an 8.9" screen with 1280x768 resolution and I liked it a lot. My parent's Asus EEE netbook has a 10.1" screen @ 1024x600 and it hurts my eyes and looks like crap. My new netbook (HP Mini 210 HD) has a 10.1" screen @ 1366x768 and it's perfect. The downside to this is that it only support 720p movies even though I can playback 1080p movies without a hiccup.

    A big issue I've had with netbooks. My 2133 had amazing speakers that I couldn't put at full volume unless I had it on the other side of the room, but alas this is not the norm. Every netbook I have used has just had crummy speakers. The volume just couldn't get loud enough. My 210 has alright speakers but like every other netbook I've tried, you'll be relying on headphones to enjoy movies or music. If you don't plan on using the speakers then who cares.

    I don't know why you would get anything other than a dual-core Atom. It's not even that much more expensive. My 2133 has a VIA c7-m 1.6GHz single core and it was good enough for the basics (SD movies, Diablo2, Notepad++, VMWare Player, Photoshop, etc...).

    But the real performance increase is switching from Windows to Linux (XFCE or OpenBox FTW!). The only problem I have is that my Broadcom Crystal HD isn't supported in Linux so I have to watch all my movies in Windows to get the performance (although I can still watch 720p YouTube videos without any issue).

    1GB is plenty. Seriously. The only reason I upgraded to 2GB was for Photoshop and because it was cheap. I was doing just fine running 2 VMs and with 1GB of RAM.

    Hard drive
    Aim for any 7200RPM drive, the extra performance is a godsend when you're trying to squeeze out every last drop.

    I get about 7-8 hours under normal use with my 210. My 2133 with the extended battery got 4-5 hours which was still good but now it only holds a 2 hour charge.

    Bottom line: Get an HP, I swear by them and I have yet to find another brand with the same quality.

    If you need some more reading material:
    My HP 210 specs
    My initial review of my HP 210
    What to expect from an Atom N550, building VMs and watching YouTube @ 720p without a hiccup.
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    Post RE:

    I would like to recommend this site

    Which is netbook reviews & article site.It does help you to choose netbook.

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    Even though I am a mac person, I have to go against what people say here. Don't get a mac if you want a netbook. Apple does not make netbooks.

    Get an Acer 1830t. Doesn't matter what exact model... whatever one fits your budget.
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    i better go with apple products

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    Quote Originally Posted by actionking View Post
    i better go with apple products
    But they don't make netbooks...
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    I would like to recommend HP Mini.

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    Asus Eee PC 1015PN

    Slap 2 GB of ram in it and you have a winner ^_^
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahPerez10 View Post
    I would like to recommend HP Mini.
    What's special in this version?

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    I would recommend Dell Inspiron Mini Netbooks...
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    Toshiba A 300 is the best.

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    You said Apple doesn't make netbook's, but the Macbook air is about the same size as a netbook, but with a better OS, i'd go with that, but if money is a problem i'd go with an HP Netbook, I wouldn't even consider Dell.

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    I highly recommend the Toshiba NB305. Battery life has an amazing 13 Hours! Looks smart and is a briliant notebook!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyle-tilthosting View Post
    You said Apple doesn't make netbook's, but the Macbook air is about the same size as a netbook, but with a better OS, i'd go with that . . .
    I wouldn't call the MBA a netbook, but I get where you're coming at. They're certainly light and small enough to be a netbook. I personally think the 13" MBP is the better buy, but it's heavier and thicker than the 11" MBA. For a super portable, super thin, super light device, the 11" MBA is very nice.

    Put it this way, if I ever backpack through Europe (one of these days!!) for a couple of mths, I'll have an 11" MBA in the backpack and not a 17" MBP.
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