Looking for SERIOUS offers on this list of QUALITY CCC.net

Throwing in FREE BONUS donains.

Looking to get an offer for the entire list, but if you're only interested in one, I may be willing to sell a few one off's.


QB4.net <-- QuarterBack anyone?
YR2.net <-- What year is it? Year 2 !
6ND.net <-- Six End
7TC.net <-- 7th Generation Scion TC!!
RD7.net <-- Road 7
9OS.net <-- Windows 9 OS? Mac OS 9?
S76.net <-- Studio 76
6ID.net <-- Excuse me, can I see your ID?
8NL.net <-- Interesting One
8FL.net <-- Fruity Loops Music Software
1BX.net <-- Catchy! One Box!
6IR.net <-- Interesting One
8HM.net <-- Nice One!
CB9.net <-- Cash Back!
QD2.net <-- Quad 2
KY3.net <-- Sounds Cool! Kye 3
8JC.net <-- 8 Junior Colleges?
8NJ.net <-- New Jersey Fans here?
JO8.net <-- Joe Ate
6PB.net <-- Im thinking Peanut Butter
6PJ.net <--Purchase Journal. PJs
BF7.net <--Battled Field 7? Hmmm?
4AN.net <--Interesting one. Good Letters
54S.net <--54 Seconds
YS5.net <--YES 5 !
DE6.net <-- German Domain?
UT6.net <--Nice!
5XE.net <--5 Extreme
2AH.net <--Auction House!
7WE.net <--Nice One
P32.net <--Palace 32
3FS.net <--First Shooter
Y21.net <--Young 21
53Z.net <--Nice!
65T.net <-- Nice
KB2.net <--KnowledgeBase 2
8PB.net <--Hmm more Peanut Butter?
TD6.net <--TouchDown!
PF6.net <--Interesting...
8AJ.net <--Nice Letters!
5SY.net <-- System?
5CE.net <-- Interesting
95Z.net <--Nice!
25Z.net <--Another Z Domain!
1TP.net <--Teleport?
9CE.net <-- 9CE or NICE !! Get It?
6SH.net <--Sounds like SSSSHH
2TX.net <--Awesome Short Memorable Texas Domain
8YM.net <--Young Male
7BL.net <--Bass Loud
6BR.net <--I need my 6th break!

I would like offers for the bulk list, but as I mentioned before, shoot me offers on single Items if you wish.

Quite a few CCC.net so not looking for low-ball offers. Some of these have Awesome Letters!

Thanks for looking ! :hearts: