Hello, I would first like to say what an excellent company this is! Here's the story, anyway. I had posted on here about a certain hosting website who stole 150$ from me (yes, really!) and to my dis-belief, I had a message from a Sales Rep at Welltodo Century... first we were speaking about the host that stole my money, but then he actually offered me a free dedicated server for a month! This is what you call excellent service? After I had got the server, I decided that I wanted cPanel. Being a Friday night, I didn't expect this to be done until the following Monday, however there were support rep's on all weekend getting my cPanel License sorted out, and all that stuff! Overall, this is an excellent company and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheap and high quality server. In my honest opinion, you should pay an extra 200$ for the great support (tehe) I haven't had much experience at reviewing... but this is my best shot at it!

Oliver Robson!