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    20% Recurring Off! - Free WHMCS/ClientExec - Free SSL - End User Support

    Hello WHT Members

    We are currently running a special promotion on all our master reseller packages. Order any package today and receive a 20% recurring discount.
    To get the discount, please use the promotion code WHTOFF20 while checking out.

    •••••••• Account Features ••••••••
    - Free End-User Support
    - Free RapidSSL Certificate ($49/year value)
    - Private Nameserver
    - Free Domain Reseller
    - Free SSL Certificate Reseller
    - Overselling enabled
    - Unlimited Domains,FTP,Email,Database,etc
    - 24/7 Support
    - Instant Setup
    - 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

    •••••••• More Features ••••••••
    - Latest cPanel
    - Softaculous
    - Fantastico
    - RVSiteBuilder
    - RVSkins
    - R1Soft Backups
    - PHP
    - Ruby On Rails
    - Python
    - Perl
    - MySQL
    - PostgreSQL
    - And Much More!

    •••••••• Feature Details ••••••••

    Free End User Support
    We will take care of supporting your customers. Support is provided through your helpdesk. We will be notified the instant a ticket is created or client responds. The best part of this is that your clients will never know that we are the ones supporting them.

    Free SSL Certificate
    We will provide you with a free RapidSSL Certificate which retails at $49/year. You can use this certificate to secure the communication between your site and your visitor so that you can securely accept credit card or other sensitive information. We will also give you a site seal to show your visitors that your site is secure. This will increase your sales for sure! NOTE: SSL Certificates will only be given on Annual Payment term and are not subject to refund.

    Free Domain Reseller
    Each account will come with a free Domain Reseller. So, you can sell domains to your customers or include it for free!

    Private Nameserver
    You don't have to use our nameservers. You can create your own nameservers like So, your customers will never know that we are powering their services.

    Overselling enabled
    Overselling allows you to sell more resources than what you have. However you can not use more than what's assigned to your account.

    24/7 Support
    We are always online to provide you with 24/7 Support. No matter what time it is, we are always here to help you!

    Instant Setup
    Account Setup is completely automated. You won't have to wait a single moment for your account to be set up. You will receive your account details to your email the moment we receive your payment.

    15 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services within the first 15 days of your payment, we will give you a refund of your initial payment.

    •••••••• Master Reseller Packages ••••••••

    • Starter Plan •••••••
    Disk Space: 25GB
    Bandwidth: 250GB
    Free ClientExec
    Free RapidSSL Certificate
    Free End-User Support
    $16.95/month - $13.56 with Promo Code
    - Order Now -

    • Basic Plan •••••••
    Disk Space: 50GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB
    Free WHMCS
    Free RapidSSL Certificate
    Free End-User Support
    $21.95/month - $17.56 with Promo Code
    - Order Now -

    • Advanced Plan •••••••
    Disk Space: 75GB
    Bandwidth: 750GB
    Free WHMCS
    Free RapidSSL Certificate
    Free End-User Support
    $28.95/month - $23.16 with Promo Code
    - Order Now -

    • Pro Plan •••••••
    Disk Space: 100GB
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    Free WHMCS
    Free RapidSSL Certificate
    Free End-User Support
    $35.95/month - $28.76 with Promo Code
    - Order Now -

    •••••••• Have Any Questions ? ••••••••

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here. Or email to sales[at]

    Sajid Iftekhar - Web Design Portfolio

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    Test IP? Also, your promotion code doesn't seem to be working.
    Domain name for sale. PM me

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