This week we are launching a new concept. We have called it iVirtual and basically it is a virtual system offer of a new type. We have decided to partition our already very competitively priced dedicated servers using SolusVM technology into a limited number of machines. Basically 4 machines for a quad core CPU based system, 6 machines for a Hexa core system etc. We have also decided to publish the full details of each node and the number of machines available as well as a direct choice of the possible IP's and many other details.

It is possible to pre-evaluate all aspects of the iVirtual machine prior to purchase. Also the nature of these systems being XEN based renders any overselling impossible. It is also possible to purchase 2 iVirtual machines and request that they be combined together into a single iVirtual machine which would basically be half of a quad core server. Also most of these iVirtual machines have the free option of being deployed as either Para-Virtual systems or HVM systems.

The 2 technologies are very different in their approach and a rapid explanation is that PV based systems operate as modified guest OS's and can be easily created from a template whereas HVM based systems allow a fully isolated kernel to be installed which means it is almost like a dedicated server and any OS even Windows can be installed from a DVD ISO directly through the VNC console. If you do not know about those technologies it is best to read about them on the internet. In either case it is a free option and you can always request for the system to be converted between both technologies for free.

ISO's and PV templates are available for most popular OS's and feel free to request from support to download any publicly available ISO image or PV template and to add it to your server so that you may install it at will. It is also possible to manage and reload the server directly from your control panel.

iVirtual Machines - iVirtual machine on Node 5099

Each iVirtual machine on the Node 5099 receives:

CPU = 1 core
RAM = 1850 MB
HD = 210 GB SATA
BW = 1000 GB

Node 5099 details

CPU = AMD X4 9500
RAM = 7400 MB DDR 2
HD = 840 GB SATA
BW = 4000 GB
OS = Centos 64-bit XEN with PV / HVM capability
Test file on Node =
Test IP on Node =
D.C. location = Seattle, WA, USA, West Coast

$29.99 USD Monthly +$0.00 Setup

This product/service has some options which you can choose from below to customise your order.

Virtualization type:

Para-Virtual ( 1 click installation of a number of OS templates Centos, Debian etc. )
HVM ( Full installation from ISO of Guest OS's such as SUSE, Windows, Knoppix, 32-bit OS's eyc. )

Available IP's / .195 / .196 / .197 / .198 / .216 / .217 / .218 / .178 / .20:
2 IP
3 IP's +$1.00 USD
4 IP's +$2.00 USD
5 IP's +$3.00 USD
6 IP's +$4.00 USD
7 IP's +$5.00 USD
8 IP's +$6.00 USD
9 IP's +$7.00 USD

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Also feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any pre-sales questions you might have.

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