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    Anyone want to take on some charity work? LOL

    I am looking for a Logo, Letterhead and possibly some help with making an ad to put up on websites like craigslist or backpages offering auto repair. I wouldnt think this would be too hard of a task but right now I just lost my job of 4 years so putting out much money isnt an option. Im hoping this will help me get a little bit of side work going till I find some employment somewhere. Let me know if you are interested.. I could pay a few bucks but not a whole lot. If it helps me bring in more business I will compensate you in the future and if things works out I may just open my own shop and then I will need a website which I would pay for.

    Just shoot me a PM if you are interested. Thanks

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    How much can you pay?

    And where are you located?

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    I'd be willing to help you out. Feel free to contact.

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