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    Need some help from AT&T Yahoo customers


    I received some complains that our server is not visible from AT&T Yahoo network.

    However, I cannot confirm this with the customers because they are not tech guys.

    Is there anybody using AT&T Yahoo as ISP willing to help me?
    All I need is to open a page on our website, ping and traceroute.

    Please PM me to get details or reply to this thread and I'll PM you.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Contact AT $ T directly!
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    Of course I did. Unfortunately, they do not handle requests as fast as I need this to be solved.

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    If you have any of your client (on AT&T / Yahoo Network) online and in contact ask them to give access to their PC through TeamViewer, that way you can do the ping/trace page view yourself.
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    As I described, my clients are not tech guys. Simple things were difficult to describe to them. So I have to find another way.

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    I have AT&T/Yahoo DSL... for now. Feel free to PM me if you need something tested.

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    Yeah I have AT&T as well. I've noticed some strange routing issues lately with them going to NYC and suddenly dropping off the face of the earth after handing off somewhere.
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    Add me to the list, will test via AT&T Corporate and DSL/U-Verse

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