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    Looking for quality dedicated server (US only)

    Reliable, trouble-free customer is looking for a dedicated server for a vBulletin forum (100% legal, no adult content, no file download, no irc).

    Location: US only
    IP: 1 IPv4
    Traffic 200GB/mth. minimum
    CPU: Intel Xeon
    RAM: 8GB
    HD: SATA or SCSI 2x 160GB minimum
    No raid controller required
    Payment via paypal

    Quality connectivity, quality hardware prefered, support via messenger (hardly ever required).

    OS installation has to be done by us. Staff has to insert FreeBSD 8.2 AMD64 CD1 and provide kvm-over-ip device for approx. 1 hour until ssh access is established. That's it.

    <<snip>>. Thank you.
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    Providers may not provide offers via pm or response here. If you re looking for recommendations others may recommend or you can check our advertising offers forum.

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    Oh, ok. My apologies for the mistake.

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