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    cPanel Disk Space?

    I have got a VPS with cPanel whm installed. I have 30GB disk space with my VPS account.

    In the last few days I have been getting warning messages about disk space nearly full.

    I only have 7 accounts on the VPS so I can't really understand why the disk is so full.

    Is this normal for cpanel to take up so much disk space?


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    Have you checked for large log files?

    find / -type f -size +20000k -exec ls -lh {} \; | awk '{ print $9 ": " $5 }'
    That might help you fine the large files
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    I have a lot of large mysql-bin files. Can I safely delete these? If so, how?

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    All sorted. Thanks iTom

    If anyone else is interested how to purge mysql bin files you can find a solution here:

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