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    4 litespeed dual core owned licenses for sale


    i have 4 dual core owned litespeed licenses for sale (litespeed lists them as $799)

    two were purchased on 10/26/2010 and two on 10/22/2010

    they include a year of software updates from the purchase date so just about half a year left on that (after that it's $150 if you'd like updates - $0 if not)

    i want $371 each.. a bit less then half of litespeeds listed price (will sell anywhere from 1 to all 4 - you do not need to get all 4)

    reason for selling it is i've combined some servers (9 to 6 and 3 to 2 leaving 4 unused licenses that i do not see myself finding a use for anywhere in the see-able future)

    you can either message me on here or email [email protected] to discuss further if you are interested

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    1 license has been sold...3 remain for sale

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    Picked up one of these...Great deal, and smooth transaction!

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    Fantastic Guy, No Hassle Sale!


    I myself have bought one of these licenses off this seller and everything sailed smoothly, Upon payment the license was transferred into my LiteSpeed account well within 12Hours, Infact I think it was within 3Hours which is FAST!

    Again thank you for a smooth sale and this VERY nice deal


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    Do you still have a license available? Please, PM me if you do

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