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    Any idea how works?

    I purchased a domain from them about 3 weeks ago for 1.895$.
    Order number was: 8158239
    After the purchase they sent me an email telling me that the transfer process will take about 7-10 days.
    After 2 weeks I sent them an email asking about the transfer status and there was no reply.
    After another week I tried calling them but there is no real people on the call center, you can just leave a message.
    Am I scammed or is this how buydomains works?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Romans ritiven

    The exact same thing is happening to me and since i am not based in the US i am kind of scared i got scammed... I sent them a couples of mails warning them that i was thinking about sueing but nobody got back to me... did u hear anything? I purchased mine like 2 weeks ago for 988$

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    It's not a scam as I have personal experience with it. Unless there is a technical malfunction of some sort they should be emailing you about the details of your purchase and how to transfer and manage it in a little bit.

    If you want to buy their domains and have access to them immediately they are tied in with on some of their domains, and they will show up as premium names on netsols search. If you buy them through netsol they will transfer there a few minutes after purchase. Usually it applies only to the domains that start with an upper case on the buydomains website, and not the smaller caps.

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    You purchased a domain for 1.895$. ?
    What exactly is that?

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    They are a legit operation. But maybe there is a malfunction since two of you are in the same boat. I'd keep trying to contact them until resolved, if I were you.
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    Try this email address

    Quote Originally Posted by dvescuco
    Can you please email me directly at dvescuso (at) buydomains (dot) com and include information such as the domain name that you purchased, the sales rep that you worked with, and the email address that you tried to send inquiries to that is not responding?
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    Dan from BuyDomains here. I apologize for any delays. In general domain transfers are completed within the 7-10 day timeframe; however, listed third party names require action on the part of the domain owner in order to complete the transfer . If you haven’t already, please check your spam folder to ensure that the follow-up email was not accidentally filtered. If it was not caught in spam, we are happy to assist you—simply contact me dvescuso [at] buydomains [dot] com.

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    @dvescuso - I got a permanent failure when trying to send you an email. Also you are not accepting any PM's. So how do you suggest we are able to contact you for assistance.
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    perhaps you got scammed
    I sold a domain for my customer just for 1 to 2 days
    not longer than you get

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    @stub - I'm not sure why you are having trouble reaching my email, we don't block any isp addresses except those of our competitors. Please try emailing our customer service manager; her name is Christina Forker and she will be happy to assist you: cforker [at]

    Embarrassingly enough I cannot figure out how to pm or change pm options... although I did find one post under 'support' that mentioned I need a certain number of posts to unlock pm features

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    You need 5 posts to be able to be PM'd. Your email address is still bouncing.
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    OK. I got a reply from Christina. Thanks. But I'm still interested to know why your email bounces?
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    "Buy domains" is one of the most legit places in the domain name business

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    @Stub - You are welcome... but we're still unsure why the email bounced

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    I have never heard about this company..
    Does it have any accreditations?

    How long have they been providing domain registration services?

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    Its not a scam but it takes time to answer your query. I would suggest you search for other provider that gives you quick response.

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