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    Angry RsyncPalace backup in PENDING status

    I hired the RsyncPalace service yesterday (like 20 hours ago).
    The payment was done successfully and my account was created as expected.
    However I'm still not able to use the service.

    In the Client Info Packages menu I can see that the Status of my account is "Pending" and all the following information is shown:

    Next Due Date: 05/30/2011
    Domain Name: Not Available until Activation
    User Name: Not Available until Activation
    Password: Not Available until Activation

    Server Information
    Not Available until Activation IP Address: Not Available until Activation

    Does somebody now what should I do in order to activate the account ? I haven't receive any instruction email and I could not find any instruction to do it in the web page.

    I already submitted support and sales tickets but it seems nobody is working there.
    Does this happen to any of you ?

    Thanks in advance

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    How do you know that your account is created if you can't login?

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    Sorry if I was not clear enough.

    I am able to log into their Website, but I'm not able to use the service because in the package description it says is in Pending state.

    I don't know what to do. I can't believe a simple ticket response can take more than 24hs. It seems that nobody is working for that company on weekends.

    I'm starting to doubt about their service quality

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    Most likely the sales department is closed on the weekend. I would wait until Monday and see if you get a response. The owner Otto (known for a couple of years now) is a really good guy and i'm sure he will take care of you.

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    Thanks for your response.

    Looking at Otto posts inside this forum a lot of negatives review came up:

    I hope this is just a temporary issue, if not I have to start looking for another backup provider.

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    Hi Martin,

    There are no accounts pending activation right now, so your account should have already been deployed. We do not do instant activation, as we need to go through each order and do a manual fraud check on each one.

    Thank you for your patience.
    Otto Yiu
    Rsync Palace ● Providing offsite backups since 2007.
    Backomatic ● Hassle-free Automated cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, FTP, and MySQL backups.

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    Finally my account was activated.

    I have started using some minutes ago and so far the speed seems to be enough to backup some data.

    Thanks to everyone.

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