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    * Need sysadmin to work remotely

    Looking sysadmin to work in a virtual infrastructure project for a small business.

    Need experience with virtualized environment, linux, firewall appliances, openfiler, cpanel, server hardening and similar tasks.
    Some security expertise is highly required.

    - Willingness to go beyond your areas of knowledge.
    - Availability to work on multiple timezones, and be ready to accomplish designed jobs as fast as possible around the day. You won't work every day but some days you may need to work more than usual.
    - No ticket-like management please. I need to interact directly with the admin multiple times of the day and assign him tasks.
    - Payroll is negotiable and I accept company quotes but I'm willing to pay around $800/month.

    Send all quotes and resumes to [email protected]


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    I've emailed you with my CV, A quote and other information you may be interested in.

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    You might want to include an estimated number of hours this job entails.

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    Email sent..Looking forward to your reply.
    Ideamine Technologies, sales(a)
    Server Management|Outsourced Support|Web Development|Mobile Applications
    Skype: servernix|GTalk: servernix|AIM: servernix

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    Email sent. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

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