Hello ,

I have a dedicated server used for selling VPS ( openvz ) for game servers ...

The server details :

Dell PowerEdge R510
Quad Core Xeon E5620: 8 x 2.33 GHz
32 GB DDR3 ECC RAM / 800 MHz
4x 1000 GB SATA 7,200 RPM Disk
10,000 GB Data-Transfer
1 Gbps Dedicated Premium Bandwidth

The problem is the server have a high load and Cpu utilisation is very low so i like to achieve the highest possible performance for game servers

If there Tuto or something can help me for this ?
...lol and i have now the server down after rebooting ( the problem is with booting with new kernel that i make it and i must waitting my provider to make the defaut one ) > It's weekend
Waitting for help