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    I've got your hosting needs covered!

    A little about me:

    My name is John, I'm 23 years old (I'll be 24 this July). I have been a Procedural PHP programmer for close to 10 years now. I've done a little bit of paid work but that didn't seam to work to well for me. (Not to mention that making a website is hard and takes a long time and people don't want to pay when they don't understand the time you put into it and the complexity of it all.) Now days it's all about design. Businesses don't care what their website does, they just want some content on a good looking page. I'm not much of a designer anyways, I'm all about the logic!

    So recently I decided, for my own knowledge, that I want to learn Object Oriented PHP. OOP is quite confusing to me and very time consuming. I work 9 hours a day 6 days a week in a thrift store so I get to be online for most of the day when it's slow.

    Other "computer history":

    For about a year I ran a Bit Torrent website,, out of my bedroom closet. I ran PFSense (dedicated software firewall), and the server itself ran ubuntu linux which ran 3 other virtual machines. Each VM ran Ubuntu Server (command only, no gui). I had lots of fun building the website and working with linux. The options available with Linux are incredible. I also ran an Instant Messaging Service on the website with OpenFire. OpenFire had an option to use MySQL as the database backend so I was able to write PHP code to register new users, etc. PFSense was also a key component in allowing the IM service to happen.

    PFSense is definitely worth mentioning. It's a completely free firewall system. It is a must have for home hosting solutions, or other internet services. I run PFSense on an old 800Mhz Dell GX110 with 2 Ethernet cards and it works perfectly! It even supports VPN. I did this between my house and my uncles house, and we could share files, browser local networks, access otherwise private services on our independently located networks. It is amazing! get it for free at PFSense.Org

    This month sometime I will be installing Ubuntu, Astrisk and Free PBX for a small office phone system at a Manufactured Home Retail Location. This is going to be fun!

    So I started offering hosting services a few months ago. But I am having some trouble finding clients.

    Thanks for having me at and I look forward to helping some people out with PHP and network / hosting / Linux questions.

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    Hello cjohnweb, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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