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    Imaging Windows 2003 Server to New Hardware

    Hi Guys,

    Would imaging a Windows 2003 Server that is running on a SCSI drive using Acronis to a new server with a SATA Hard Drive image without problems, has anyone done this before?

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    it is possible .. but i would STRONGLY advise you the easy way .

    that is ..

    install linux on the new server; install vmware sever on it .. and virtualise your windows system to this. It offers the flexibility of a virtualised hardware layer !

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    I would see no problems with the transition. I've used Acronis and it works well, near seamless transition.

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    Acronis is a great tool. I use it daily. I doubt you'll see any issues transferring an image from both hard drives. What's the worst that can happen, I mean, you already have everything backed up on the image.

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    So you think there should be no problems when its cloned from SCSI to SATA Hardware?

    Also can anyone suggest the best way to reset the administrator password?

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    Acronis completely failed me, constant errors when I tried to restore. I ended up using "EASEUS Todo Backup Server" that I downloaded and it worked flawlessly.

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    If the old and the new hard drives are non-identical in size, then will it be possible to image the old hard drive to the new hard drive?
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    Imaging the server is the easy part. Booting it up is another story. You need to make sure all the correct critical storage (boot) drivers are set up in the registry or you'll get a bluescreen on the new machine during boot. Good luck!
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