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    Unknown MIDI Files Automatically Creating?


    I have been facing a strange issue from sometime now, which I discovered while casually browsing my VPS FTP. The problem is - I noticed some unknown MIDI files under /mycnf folder inspite of my website not at all being related to all this stuff (Neither do we host them). About a month ago too - I happen to spot similar files (They were under some mail folders then) that were total hundered in count and end up eventually deleting all and now today spotted them again. I'm afraid what this could be and why?

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    could you give a little bit more detaisl .. such as which OS on the server, and which FTP server you are using ?

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    Are you certain that they are not uploaded? Are you the only user?

    Try checking if they are appearing in other locations, using the locate command from the shell.

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    Hello, Thanks for the response. We are on a CentOS based VPS. I'm using the FTP from the cPanel itself. I'm afraid that I'm not very tech-friendly and thus very unsure about applying command from SSH etc.

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