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    * Your #1 Source For WHMCS Integrations! No Need To Pre-Order - Free Upgrade To 4.5!

    Order our 'Gold' Integration today and when WHMCS 4.5 is released (currently in Beta) not only will we update your WHMCS Theme to be fully compatible but will also upgrade your WHMCS Script! So why "pre-order" elsewhere when you can have your integrated WHMCS in less then 24 hours! (we've already been playing around with the beta testing it out!). Our Gold Integration is Just $30 - no extra fee for matching icons, no extra fee for installation/upgrade, no extra fee if your main template is wordpress/joomla based! Plus integration ready in 24 hours or its yours for FREE! (note: this offer not only applies to 4.5 but ALL future releases as well!)


    Are you tired of the default look of your WHMCS Installation? Ready to have your WHMCS blend with the rest of your site design? Then do what 400+ site owners have done already and order your WHMCS Installation from WHMCSintegration.Ca!

    Our prices start from just $10.00 - it doesn't matter if your main site design is done in html, wordpress, joomla or any other cms - we can convert your layout into a WHMCS theme generally in less then 24 hours (if you order our Gold Integration then your theme is guaranteed to be completed in 24 hours or its free!). At WHMCSintegration.Ca you only pay for what you need - just want a simple header & footer integration? Why pay $35+ to the other guys when we can do it for just $10.00. Need more? Our Gold Integration includes full site integration (from table headers, buttons, fonts, css changes and more!) plus we will include matching icons, we will provide theme updates for future whmcs releases, heck we will even install or upgrade WHMCS all for just $30!

    So why pay elsewhere for $35+ and then have to pay even more for matching icons, theme upgrades, installation and more (some companies even charge you more if your design is based on joomla or wordpress ... not us!) when you can get all that for only $30.00!

    Need more then just WHMCS Integrated? No Problem! We can do Wordpress, Forum, Hostbill, Kayako, and other Integrations - check our site for package deals (if you do not see the package you need - contact us and we'll quote you a price!) - the more you order, the more you save! We also offer WHMCS Installation or Upgrading for only $10! (free with our Gold Integration!)

    We also offer more advanced integrations which include complete recoding of the WHMCS templates to better match your site - contact us for a quote today! (see for an example)

    if you find a comparable whmcs integration for a lower price - we will match or beat it! Open a support ticket on our site and provide a link to the site with the price! Our competition likes to knock us for our low prices by trying to say that because they charge you as high as $72 or more for what we provide in our gold integration that somehow that means that we lack quality - compare our portfolio with theirs and you'll see they are just full of hot air!

    Some services may claim to be 'the best' or 'simply unbeatable' or try to offer cheaper integrations but they charge you extra for services we include - - some sites charge between $40 - all the way up to $72 (from 'the best') for all that we include such as matching icons, speedy service, backups, cms theme integration, free theme updates for future whmcs releases... Judge for yourself who's the best and if we beat the unbeatable :p


    - we have the experience to do your whmcs integration right the first time! (over 300 WHMCS Integrations completed!)
    - we have been providing script integration for over 8 years! Integrations ARE our business. Unlike most of our competitiors we are not a hosting company doing this as a side business.
    - we don't take shortcuts! I've seen some integrations from 'the other guys' where they just link back to the main image folder, stylesheets and other site files - not us! We copy all relevant files in your design and include them in the WHMCS Theme folder. Why? well if you secure your billing area and the content is not part of the theme then you will have 'dead' images or your order form will not show up as being secure.



    here is just a few 'live' samples (of working links!) for you to check out. (You can find over 300+ integration samples in our portfolio @ )

    - (this is our own WHMCS layout converted from an 'admin' styled template. It no longer matches our site design(s) as we wanted a new, fresh and unique look to our Client Area)

    For more check out our portfolio with over 300 past integrations at


    Themeforest Special

    We now offer discount WHMCS Themes for a selected number of Themeforest Templates for just $15 (add $5 to make it a 'Gold' which will include theme updates for future releases of WHMCS). Visit for our range of integration options! (*note: you must purchase the original template files from themeforest to use these themes!)



    When ordering our Silver, Gold or Themeforest Special Templates you can add the following to your order (at a discount from our regular rates)

    - Matching Wordpress Theme : $30.00
    - Matching PHPBB Theme : $25.00
    - Matching VBulletin 4 Theme : $45.00

    (other integrations available - contact us for a quote!)



    Also check out our Testimonials at



    Are you a web designer? You can earn extra cash by including a WHMCS or PHPBB template with your web designs! Your clients do not need to know we did the job - no tags or listing on our portfolio will be added - you pay our fee and can charge your clients whatever you wish for the extra feature! Check out for more info!

    Hosting companies can also resell our services to their clients. (with savings of 20% + Free Integrations) Check out for more info!

    Affiliates earn 10% on each sale they send us - plus affiliates can generate money saving coupons to pass on!

    For More Info visit our site ( and check the 'Reseller' page.



    International: Paypal and Alertpay
    Canada: Paypal, Alertpay, Interac E-Transfer

    (more payment options coming soon!)


    Follow Us on Twitter for Special Offers!

    Check out our new client area @ for yet another example of the outstanding whmcs integrations we can do!

    (note: this is not a 'support' thread. Direct support enquirers to [email protected])
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    I tried your service. It was okay integration wise but you didn't reply my single message on ticket. I then had to hire another person to fix several issues i had. (I was even willing to pay for those fixes to you)

    Your services didn't work for me honestly.

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