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    Looking for a VPS UK/EU Managed & Cpanel 15 per month

    Hi im lookin for VPS UK/EU Managed & Cpanel @ 15 per month with IPv4 and IPv6 Ip's

    quick set up needed, Current hosts support times are too slow takes me 3 days to get a reply... not naming names as there on this forum and posted within the last 24hrs

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    For a VPS, the cPanel license itself would be about what your budget is ... why not opt for a shared host instead?
    Intellitech I.T. Solutions Ltd.
    Intellitech Hosting - Dedicated Servers in Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, Washington, Seattle (USA), London (UK) & EU
    Server Load Balancing, Hardware Firewalls, MPLS Connectivity

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    You should raise your budget! As said by intellitech cPanel license itself costs! I suggest you go for about 25$-30$ so that you would get a decent server. I recommend somewhat like 35$, You would get atleast 1GB RAM with 2GB Burst RAM(some host provide).

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    We're not allowe to make you offers on a requests thread, but check the offers forum

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