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    Centos VS Debian Lenny 32 bit Dedicated ?

    Hello guys

    i am looking at a hosting company

    they are offering - Debian Lenny 32 bit for a server and other with - Centos Latest 32 and 64 bit

    i have no experience in either but i am a good learner so i am asking which is better

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    I don't think there is really a "better" option for that generic question. What are you looking to do? Most of the control panel software seems to be focused on RedHat based distributions (CentOS).

    Both are good options, you should just look at what you are hoping to accomplish and then see which OS has the packages (and versions is important)that you will need to accomplish those goals.

    That said I would probably recommend CentOS if you are just starting as it probably the most commonly used OS for hosting and internet services so finding support when needed will be easiest.

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    CentOS is still my favorite OS distro, but Debian is also nice.
    It all depends what you will be using the server for I guess and what your preference is.

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    I'm not sure why we like centos, but thats the os on most of our servers.

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    Debian has a better package management, and more packages in it's repository. If you want to do something odd with your server, Debian is way easier to work with. If you need a control panel, go CentOS.

    I love debian, and all of my servers are Debian. It's really a preference thing, and it depends on the application.

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    Debian's my favorite distro.
    It just simply works because it's repository is both stable and well-tested.

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    i know centos is a redhat based distro and it's full compatible with cpanel.

    about debian , is debian distro compatible with cpanel?

    also can we use ubuntu or other distro with cpanel?

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    No Debian an Ubuntu aren't compatible with cpannel, but you can use directadmin with Debian or Ubuntu.

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