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    giga-international review - 2 thumbs up!

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly id like to thank the WHT community for providing me with such a great resource. Im a regular lurker but having just come to the end of my contract period with giga-international I feel they deserve a review.

    Setup was completed within less than 4 hours. Which is alot less than advertised on the website.

    The product I signed up for was the "V-Server M" which for 9.99 the only downside being setup fees so because of this I chose the 3 month period.
    I did notice a post somewhere from the Giga staff mentioning this fee helped keep the riff-raff and spammers at bay and maybe this is the case. It does make the initial VPS startup more expensive however if it helps garuntee reliability/stability then I would pay a setup fee to any host.

    I had absolutely no problems with bandwith, and none of my users reported any issues with ping. Although it is clearly stated on their website that if you use more than 10mbit continously for 5 days you will get switched to 10mbit.. therefore no bandwith fines. Personally I could have had only 10mbit to start with and would still have been happy.

    The M package is stated as having 2gig of ram which is rather optimistic. Infact is is one of the main reasons I was drawn to them. Unfortunatley it is a pipe dream, in reality I had approx 376mb of ram and 2gig of swap. With a little bit of tweaking services I made sure my server sat at around 309mb usage so was never using the swap anyway. Im more likely to believe its an advertising/translation error so left it at that.

    Disk Space
    For the price (ignoring setup fees) the disk space given is great. Gigantic compared to alot of budget providers infact. My only issue here was my container got created with 9.04gb due to the physical disk running out of space. Because the service is unmanaged I had to prove to them that I was missing the diskspace. However as soon I emailed proof I was credited with the missing space. I actually went a step further here and simply asked for them to reprovide my VPS. This is because I had allready hit my diskspace limit and did not want to mess around with two partitions.
    Normally they would charge for this but because of their initial error I was credited 1 free reinstall.
    My last comment will be on disk speed, I never felt I had any issues with IO however due to the various threads here I decided to have a look. I assume I was getting my allocated limit and nothing more as the figures were always ~15-17mb/s. I could have opened a ticket asking if this was ok but as I had no issues I did not feel the need to. Perhaps lots many customers are using their swap and lowering the node disk IO?

    Support always seemed quick to respond, knowledgable, polite, could speak English. All things I require. Bearing in mind that years ago I was a customer of Servage and StreamlineNET and have experianced poor/non-existant customer service I cannot infact say a bad word about Giga.

    Quite possibly the quickest and easiest paragraph to write in this review. To my knowledge my server itself had no downtime during my 3 month contact period.

    If you want to customise your package it is very easy. The second page of ordering allows you to choose backup space, paid for control panels, instant setup, full monitoring, os reinstall control etc..
    I didnt actually need any of the above so didnt bother.

    Having read plenty of bad reviews about Giga I felt it my duty to post a positive one. So OK maybe my VPS was setup with the wrong ammount of diskspace to start with but it was sorted quickly and their service ran without interruptions. Cant really ask for more than that. If anyone asked I would of course reccomend Giga and infact the only reason I left was to move to a UK VPS.

    I experimented alot with my VPS the only thing I would not reccomend running is a CS gameserver (or similar). I had a great ping (even from the UK) the only downside was the occasional freeze every few minutes when the server was full. Almost like a lagspike really, although I would suspect its simply due to the round-robin CPU allocation on the vps. Plenty of other less CPU intensive games ran great with no spikes. Could have used logs to try and find the source of the problem but as it was only a test there was no need.

    If anyone has any further questions I will try and answer them to the best of my knowledge.

    P.S. I can report my IP to the mods, it will show up in the giga range. However my contract ended a few days ago so the IP will have probably been reallocated.
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    nice review, I think u can still submit your ip or ur domain, mods could verify it
    And can we know why u discontinued services with them ?

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    I have clicked the report button just this sec.

    As mentioned in my conclusion I was perfectly happy with the service, infact I couldnt really fault it. My only reason for leaving was to switch to a UK based colo facility for a 1u server or large VPS. Unfortunatley neither worked out and I had to reallocate the funds.

    I could easily have gone back to Giga. However I had allready emailed them saying I wanted to cancel after my term was up and also had gone beyond the time limit laid out in the T&C so I would have had to either pay a fine to retrieve and resume any old data from my account or pay a setup fee again for new service. I decided the best option was to go for a budget host until I found a worthy UK replacement.

    I am now temporarily using a german budget unmanaged vps simply to have somewhere to store my junk, run the website and email etc. As soon as I have enough data to review them I will.

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