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    Hey WHT!

    Vincent Y here, I'm a united states citizen and Paypal Verified.
    I'm 19 no need to lie about my age but don't let my age make you think twice because I do know my stuff!

    Being freelancer for three years I've worked with three hosts as a full time job that has now gone out of business I was with all of them for one year as a support and sales rep.

    -I can work with any live chat or billing software
    knowledge of cPanel/WHM,Plesk,DirectAdmin , If it's something new I'll find my way around in a few hours.
    -I have setup servers for shared hosting users, reseller hosting users setups with and without a CP.
    -Good at looking at code (HTML/CSS PHP/MYSQL) and identifying ways to make it better.

    I'm on about 9 hours (-7MST) a day can work with your hours
    day/night also can be on call via text or call!

    About the salary, I'm not asking for much I'm willing to work within your budget but how hard I work to get stuff done i wont just take the money and run I'll grow with your company.
    - I will start immediately.
    - Can do a ID scan

    I have MSN, Yahoo, Skype

    Vincent Y

    MSN: [email protected] Online 24/7 via android/PC
    E-mail: [email protected] -1hour response time
    Phone: PM or e-mail.

    Note: If I find someone to work for I will report back here..

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    I have sent you an E-Mail. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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