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  1. #1 review (12 days all i could handle)

    I joined on th 18th of April.
    What I've noticed from the beginning was how long it took them to answer a ticket even though they advertise 24/7 support.

    I was willing to overlook this as the vps was good and fast, still having my concerns as to how they will respond to a serious issue.

    And it did not take long for a serious situation to take place.

    On the 27th of April I noticed that the node my vps was on, did not work.

    I send the support a ticket at 9.30 a.m. my time
    I send a reply to this ticket 11(!!!) hours later ta ask agai what is happening.
    I got a "standard" reply 6(!!) hours later (that is total 17 hours since the opening of this ticket!!!) that tha node has issues and its been worked on and that I will be credited fro the downtime.
    6 hours later I sent a reply requesting termination and full refund.
    24 hours later (with no reply from them) I request termination and full refund again.
    At the same time I found a "Reqest Cancellation" button which I used and I got an email confirmation stating that it will happen in the next 24 hours.

    Well, 24 hours have passed, no replies on my ticket, no cancellation, no refund.

    I am trying to create a vps to start a small business which hopefully will grow. Having a server that is down for 4 days now, I dont think clients will be too keen to sign up.

    Plus these guys have already wasted 3 days of time I could have spent customizing my server.

    This matter looks far from closed (unless they decide to answer/refund me) will keep you posted.


    P.S. Does anyone know where someone can report such behavior for webhosting companies?

    I am prepared to report them to paypal, credit card companies(if they care) and a german laywer if they continue like that.

    We will see.

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    Sorry to hear about your experience with them.

    They do seem to contradict themselves regarding 24/7 support. On their front page they say
    24/7 ticket support
    then on the same page they say
    We are almost 24 hours a day available
    Unfortunately, getting a refund from paypal is likely to be unsuccessful, as paypal will class it as intangible goods, and they usually side with the seller.

    You have reported it here, which will show up on any google search.

    Good luck with your search for a new provider.
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    I really dont care about the vps hosting money but I got a whm licence as well and that is my main concern.

    About paypal I do not want to request a refund from paypal. But in my experience they care if a seller using their services is doing business like that.

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    We are almost 24 hours a day available
    Unavailable I would say is the right word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzogas View Post
    About paypal I do not want to request a refund from paypal.
    Anyway you should request I think. By my experience, Paypal handles such issues properly, especially if you are not the only one requesting it.

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    bear in mind that Paypal will only handle dispute on tangible item, intangible item is not in their coverage.

    take a look on Paypal policy :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    thx for review!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinpascual View Post
    Anyway you should request I think. By my experience, Paypal handles such issues properly, especially if you are not the only one requesting it.
    The problem is that paypal does not give you the option to request a refund UNLESS the transaction was for physical goods.

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    Amazingly they haven't answered any of my ticket replies nor my cancelation request.

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    Finally, after contacting paypal (dont know if paypal contacted them) I got a full refund. Thank god this is over....

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