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    Host with Scalable Storage

    I'm looking for a host, preferably based in the US (even better if it's central...I'm in Dallas) that offers services similar to Softlayer except at a lower starting price. I'm really looking for a host that I can start off with about a $20-30/month price and grow over time.

    What I like about Softlayer is that they don't have predefined plans and you can add additional storage. If their lowest plan wasn't $50/month I'd go with them now.

    (I'm currently running a small email server on a VPS [Slicehost] and running out of storage so I'd like to move somewhere that I can easily scale storage and other resources. I'd also use this service for future Rails instances [although looks good for that])

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    Some VPS services allow you to resize your VPS, I think rackspace might. They also have "cloud files" but I'm not sure how or if you can mount that as a drive.
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    You should give gigenet a shot, they're top notch!

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    Have you considered Amazon EC2? They seem to be exactly the kind of thing you're looking for, and their micro instance is in your price range.

    I don't host EC2, I use linode, but I've seen people from linode pointed to EC2 because they needed more scalable storage.
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    amazon ec2 has a small vps that is free for 1 year. You can get ebs volume for a cheap price and attach it to the VPS.

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