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    $10 for 1gb of ram 1.5gb burst! 100mb/s Connection, Raid Protection Launch Deals!

    With the launch of EdgeVPS we are starting up some deals to get you guys to try us out, the first thing we added is 7 day moneyback, then we added the iTunes giveaway for USA customers, now we are adding a discount for the first month: cc1024 This will take off $5 from the first month of your order.

    We are a new host with some great things:
    100mb/s Connection or better on all of our box's.
    Raid Protection on ALL Of our box's.
    SAS 70 Datacenter Usage
    Multiple Locations Across the United States*

    *still in the works

    Our current amazing offer:
    1024mb Ram
    1536mb Burst Ram
    1000gb Bandwidth
    20gb of HDD Space - Raid Protected
    Instant Setup
    Unmanaged Service
    SolusVM with Large Amounts of OS Choices
    Chance to win $25 iTunes eCard ( US Residents Only )
    :: $10 first month, $15 from their on.
    :::: All of our plans come with a 7 day money back**

    T.O.S. will be up in 6 minutes, if you signup now you agree to the T.O.S.

    Things that will not be allowed:
    Game Servers
    Illegal Activities / Warez Hosting
    Spam Bots

    **This is only usable if you have NOT broken our T.O.S. in any way.

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    I'll be the mouse

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    Just let us know if you have any issues, thanks for your business.

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