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    Looking for a nice Customer Management System

    I run several game servers, and when someone donates, they get special priveleges in game that last 3 months. When their 3 months is up, I have to demote them back to a regular user on both the forums, and the game. The forums isn't bad, but the game...hard to keep track of.

    So, what i'm looking for is:
    - A script (or desktop version) that can:
    Allow me to manually add/edit/remove clients. - Not automatic, I will be manually adding every person.

    Allow me to have custom fields, like the date they paid on, the date their privileges expire, their forum username, and their in game username, as well as the amount donated. I would also like it if I could choose to make it alert me of the users who's expiration date is today. Like let's say someone expired on 5/1 and it was 5/1, it'd give me a list of users who expire today/on 5/1.

    If you know of anything like this, let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noppix View Post
    That's a pretty specific use case. You might want look into custom developement.
    I am

    I've found someone to do it and they only want $20...

    I don't have to pay till it's done, I see it working, and can test it, either

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    Update: I got it made
    It's not pretty, but it does what I need it to do


    Admin Home:

    View Current/All Records: (Had to block out client names.)

    Create New:

    The same as show current, but each record has an edit button beside of it.

    Same as edit, but just with a check box, and one a the top to select or de-select all.

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    Something like WHMCS would allow you to automate the payments, setup recurring invoices, etc. Might be a bit formal for what you need, but it also might keep people donating, by automatically sending them invoices.
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    Personally, since everything you are doing is manual (from what I can see) I would've used Excel

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    Quote Originally Posted by forasse View Post
    Personally, since everything you are doing is manual (from what I can see) I would've used Excel
    +1 or maybe even google apps

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