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    Proxmox openvz virtualizaton

    Hello everyone,
    i really need help i'm searching since 1 week but finding nothing on google.
    Actually i have created one Virtual machine with proxmox (openvz),
    all is working well network performance and all but when i'm trying to reboot my Virtual machine my virtual machine don't want to reboot just shutdown.
    So every time i need to go to proxmox control panel and click restart after this, status of VM is mounted.

    So before rebooting i saw in status, is still running after typing reboot in ssh of Virtual machine status is mounted and not rebooting.

    thank you for your help in advance

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    This is a "feature" of OpenVZ rather than Proxmox.
    You can see the possible solution here:
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    Yes you would have to do it via your panel.

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    Hello, thank you very much for your help it will work for all distribution?
    like ubuntu centos and all?

    thank you very much testing now

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    i have tested it same problem
    thank you in advance for our help

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