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    NON USA VPS Server For 500 Users LAMP

    I'm looking for a managed VPS Server.

    The requirements are not that big I think.

    We currently have about 100 internal users, and around 100 external users.

    External users access a custom PHP web site, that is very much static.

    Internal users access a custom PHP web site, with reports, etc.

    We plan to increase internal users to 200, and probably 400 by end of year.

    We need MySQL/PHP/Linux + Unlimited webmail accounts (not much use actually, lets say about 200MB per user).

    Our current usage is this:

    90 MB WEB (PHP/etc)
    20 MB EMAIL
    20 MB MySQL
    0.05GB Transfer

    Per month.

    I was thinking around $25 per month.

    Any recommendations?
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    From the look of your transfer the website doesn't seem that active, so I would guess it should be just about doable on a very small spec managed VM.

    However if your looking for a control panel like cPanel, the license costs along with the increase VM spec is going to defiantly push it out of your budget,

    I have not used them personally, however known host have a managed VM just in your budget and there are quite a few reviews on here about them, worth a look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTom View Post
    I have not used them personally, however known host have a managed VM just in your budget
    He said not US!

    For the OP....FutureHosting in the UK would be a good option for you. Take a look at the current promotion in the VPS offers section.

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    Thanks, as far as i see they are 33 per month with the discounts.

    Is not bad, but a little over the budget.

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    Try Linode, they have UK and start at $20/m.

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    Sorry, I mean to say, a non US company, meaning, if linode is US company, with servers in lets say europe, it does not works also.

    It has to be a NON US hosting company.

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