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    VPS.NET - Move your site to a CLOUD VPS today! Save 25% on your 1st month!

    What can the cloud do for me?
    The Cloud offers an environment that promises high availability, and extreme scalability. Both of these give you more uptime, and better speeds, which will bring your site more visibility, meaning more visitors and more money in your pocket. The cloud works great for new sites, growing sites and existing sites!

    How does your cloud work?
    We have several extremely powerful servers working together, all inter-connected, hosting your site. We use 48 drive redundant SAN units (meaning 96 drives total powering your site!) to host your data. Your VPS is initially booted up onto one of our servers; if that server ever has a problem, your VPS is immediately hot migrated over to another server. Redundant servers, redundant SAN units, and a dedicated support team of over 40 highly trained professionals means a great hosting experience!

    What kind of special do you have for WHT today?
    We’re offering WHT users a great special - 25% OFF the FIRST MONTH! We know that migrating your website is never easy, and it’s certainly not cheap, which is why we’ve come up with this great special. In addition to the 25% off special, we also have a number of other always running specials.
    • Free Blesta and HostBill licenses.
    • Free Codebase account
    • Free SSL Certificates
    • Free ISPManager Pro License
    • Free White label Anycast DNS system, with plugin to auto-sync cPanel servers

    Prebuilt Packages
    4 NodesGreat for small web hosting company, with 30-50 sites!
    1,504 MB of GUARANTEED RAM
    40 GB of RAID 10, REDUNDANT SAN secured storage
    1000 GB of PREMIUM bandwidth
    Coupon Code: WHT
    1st Month Cost: $51
    Order Now

    8 NodesGreat for high traffic sites, handling several thousand hits per hour!
    3,008 MB of GUARANTEED RAM
    80 GB of RAID 10, REDUNDANT SAN secured storage
    2000 GB of PREMIUM bandwidth
    Coupon Code: WHT
    1st Month Cost: $84
    Order Now

    Build Your OwnDevelop any solution you NEED
    Scale up to 27 GHZ of CPU
    16.9 GB of Guaranteed RAM
    Use our Level3 CDN service to handle even more traffic!
    Build Now

    Make it EVEN betterExperience true flexibility with the cloud. Add any of the following services!
    cPanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk - $10 a month
    LiteSpeed License - $14 a month
    RVSkins - $12 a year
    Softaculous - $9 a year
    Server Density (AUTO scaling VPS servers!) – $7.50 per month
    Additional storage – 25GB of RAID 10, SAN protected storage - $10 per month
    Cloud Linux - $7.50 per month
    KSplice – FREE
    HostBill – FREE
    Blesta – FREE
    SSL Certificates – FREE
    IP Addresses - $1 per month

    Management Plans Available - Hands free hosting!
    We know that not everyone wants to take the time to administrate their server. We also know that not everyone wants their host managing everything, which is why we've come up with two solutions. We have an on-demand management system which is available for $10 per ticket; we'll handle any task you need us to do, including the migration of your website from your old hosting provider. If you want us to manage every aspect, we have a fully managed system available for $99 a month. With this option we'll handle the entire configuration of your website, migration of your website, and then proactively monitor and manage your server to make sure it is operating properly.

    WorldwideFIVE Datacenter Locations
    Haarlem, Netherlands (Amsterdam) – Ping Test:
    London, England - Ping Test:
    Atlanta, Georgia - Ping Test:
    Chicago, Illinois - Ping Test:
    Salt Lake City, Utah - Ping Test:

    Reseller Opportunities Available- Start your own Cloud Hosting Company!
    Start offering your own customers VPS servers, with the industry leading technology and infrastructure from VPS.NET. With a powerful API, you can easily automate all the functions of the VPS server creation, without your customers ever knowing that VPS.NET is doing all the work for you behind the scenes. Reselling VPS.NET's services easily adds revenue to your operation, increases your customer retention rate, without requiring the expensive up front investment.

    We’re social! - It's cool, right?
    Check us out on Facebook & Twitter!

    Contact us - We're here for you!
    Not sure how many nodes to purchase, or whether the cloud is the right solution for you? Drop us a line - [email protected]. We'll be there to help!
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    Any chances u accept paypal payments ?

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