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    unknown Invoices charge me!

    I've logged today into my WHMCS account and saw that there is an invoice from 26.04.11 - the last due date is today! It show me the following:

    Addon (domain.tld) - cPanel Optimized for VPS (10/05/2011 - 09/08/2011) $45.00 USD
    invoice adjustment 5 Days cPanel License Credit $-2.50 USD
    Sub Total:
    $42.50 USD
    $0.00 USD
    $42.50 USD
    Also my VPS cost now 111$!

    What should I do now? Today I can't reach them because of today is no billing department time. I never ordered that and I can't understand that invoice, as like as this high VPS price. What should I do now? This is the last invoice due date and I don't know what happen now!

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    The first thing that i would do would be immediately backup all my data from that VPS. Then try to contact them.

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    Yes, I made a backup (full backup) via Cpanel and made a ticket about that now.

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    Which company are you getting it from? Perhaps they have a Rep over here?
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    Seems to be for your cpanel license, wasn't this included with your package?
    Hopefully it's an error and not some hidden small print you missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelliServe View Post
    If you cant get help soon, start looking through your clients + orders, find the source.
    What do you mean?

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    Edited - I was thinking it was linked to a client as I wasnt aware that WHMCS showed YOUR invoices?

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    Yes, it's my invoice - not a invoice for a customer of me or anything like that. It's my VPS, my Cpanel-license (but not for that price/contract time!) and my WHMCS account at the datacenter website. It's directly addressed to me, not to a reseller or customer of me (because I have no reseller/customers). Cpanel-license is an addon for my VPS, not included into price but I've ordered it monthly for 15$.

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    the invoice is for 3 months so 15x3=45.

    but if the service ordered for monthly term, why you are getting this for 3 months.
    only the provider can give you the exact reason.

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    Mh, that makes sense but yes - i don't know why it's changed to 3 month now (maybe billing system mistake through update/change or something like that?). The best is: How to get a 2,5$ (monthly) VPS prepaid for 6 Month to 111$/Month? I hope it gets fixed (because of mistake or invoice is for somebody other) and that I don't need to pay any of this two prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warg View Post
    Yes, I made a backup (full backup) via Cpanel and made a ticket about that now.
    That's really all you can do at this point. I wouldn't worry too much - you're not really obligated to pay the invoices if they're wrong and assuming you don't have your CC on file, you're not going to be charged automatically either.

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