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    Shared hosting with 040Hosting or Hetzner for small automotive vB forum?

    I have been browsing these forums and already found a lot of helpful information. My site is a small automotive forum based on vBulletin. At least I think we're still pretty small. Total size is a little over 1GB (image and other file attachments) and the MySQL database is about 70Mb.

    Numbers for March are 109,078 unique visitors with 729,208 page hits. We're are currently with 1and1 in the US but I would like to move it to Europe as it is a Saab forum. Most visitors come from Europe and North America.

    The forum and traffic is steadily growing but it seems we don't need a dedicated server yet. I am looking for a stable company we can use for a long time and eventually move from shared hosting to a dedicated server if needed. So price is important but not the most important consideration. Speed, uptime, features and good technical support are more important.

    I have read both good reviews on Hetzner (Germany) and 040hosting (data center location in Strasbourg) so those are my preferred choices. Both have plans that would suit are site for about € 10 per month. (6GB disk space, plenty of traffic allowed).

    Any other suggestions on providers and shared hosting versus VPS/Dedicated server for our site? Especially for a vB-based forum? We're probably a small fish in the big pond but we're in it for the long run.

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    Hetzner is a good DC.
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    I have dedicated server at 040Hosting. If you wish to have great support, great uptime then go with 040Hosting.
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    040Hosting without a doubt!

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    You should go with 040Hosting. They provide good support and prices are affordable.

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