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    Removing ip from firewall by visitors

    I'm developing a script that allow visitors to remove themselfs from the firewall, this is more dedicated to customers that have been banned due to login failures and dont like the work to contact the hosting provider to remove their ip, it takes times and work from the provider too.

    Example working:

    I'm thinking in selling this script to others hosting providers, so i need suggestions to make this better.

    Some features:
    - limit per day for unbans (like 10 per day per ip)
    - Only remove if it is not added manually
    - Recaptcha (anti-bots)
    - Redirects to the page that try to access before been banned
    - Needs csf firewall, apache and php with ssh module

    I'm thinking add:
    - Email admin when someone removes his ip from firewall
    - Log all ip removed with the reason that they have been banned

    I hope this is the right forum to this topic, if not, please move to the right forum.

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    That's hard, and will take costs (SMS Gateway)...

    Features added:
    - Log (removed bans)
    - Some filters (example, dont remove if it is banned due to ssh login failures)
    - Log (filter)

    Thinking in:
    - Module to whmcs (needs login to whmcs to remove the ip)

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    Features added:
    - Send Mail to Server Admin
    - Country White List
    - Country Black List

    I'm thinking add:
    - Remove if it is a crawler (Google bot, yahoo bot, etc.)

    I can release a beta version to download if some is interested to test.

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    Testing the final version

    + Reports
    + Country Max Time Limit
    + Informs about new version in Reports mail
    + Auto-update
    + Rotatelogs
    + Connect to ssh with dsa key
    + Test Script
    + Send Mail to Server Admin
    + Country White List
    + Country Black List
    + Recaptcha
    + Limit unbans per ip
    + Filter from ban reason
    + Redirects to the page that try to access before been banned
    + Logs

    If any one want to test, please private message me.

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    Is that work with any control panel or, just with cPanel?

    Do you have any screenshots?

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    - Linux Server
    - Apache
    - PHP with ioncube loader, ssh2 and mcrypt
    - CSF Firewall

    You can see a demo in this video:

    It works with all control panel, i may create a module for whmcs in future.

    I will take some screenshots.

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    I got your PM thanks

    Im looking for CSF Firewall removal which will be available in the cpanel as an icon or, in WHM available for reseller account holders only. They can remove/check any blacklisted IPs by CSF.

    Is that possible for you made? In WHMPHP already the option is there but I also 16+ nodes where Zamfoo is available and Im looking for customized solution direct from WHM/cPanel for clients.

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    That's a great idea, thanks.

    I will study that possibility, maybe add feature to see the reports in WHM, see logs, and Resellers remove/check blacklisted ip's.

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    WHM/cPanel Plugin done, you can define permissions to only root, some resellers, all resellers and deny the resellers you want, can define a limit for unbans, see reports, clean ip removal history, test script and search/remove blacklisted ip's

    I have some screenshots, if you want, please send me a PM.

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    Hi, Sorry for bumping his whole thread. But I am really interested in the software the original poster has developed.

    Have you completed it? I would really love a copy. Please Contact me about this.

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