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    Access website through IP

    I am able to access my website by name.. DNS..nameservers, etc/hosts/ everything is properly setup. It's on dedicated IP, SSL also installed.

    But when i access the website through IP then got the error
    You don't have permission to access / on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Please tell me is that normal because support staff is saying "That is how cpanel setting up apache if you want to browse via Ip, it should be on it's dedicated IP."

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    Check the Apache error_logs when hitting the site by IP:

    tail -f /etc/httpd/logs/error_log

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    I thought you can always access a site using just an ip like in cpanel 'coz my sites can be accessed using only IP's.

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    Previously i also accessed my site through IP but when moved to new dedicated server then not able to access with new ip, create the ticket but management service saying it's ok.

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    Check out the apache configuration files for the ip set.

    It may mislead to someother file and which leads to this.

    Is it the directadmin?

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    ya right... In httpd.conf we have moved the website name entry to below the subdomains because if not move this, then all subdomains not work.

    If we move the websitename entry to top then accessing the site from IP works fine... but subdomains not.

    Now giving the error.. because when we access IP, then IP access the site directory and directory listing is not allowed.

    So, it is possible that IP access the main website and not any directory... without moving the website entry to top in httpd.conf

    Using apache and cpanel

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    Login to your Root WHM Account >> Security Center >> PHP open_basedir Tweak

    and unmark "Enable php open_basedir Protection."
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    already tried not worked.
    Only solution i got is.. moving the website entry to top (above subdomains entry) in httpd.conf

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    ok thank you...

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    The IP which you are using is correct? or the site IP is different and you are using some different IP

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    If you're using namebased virtual hosting such as *:80, you'll need to assign the website's VirtualHost a ServerAlias of the IP address, otherwise Apache will return the default host which might not even have the directory permissions set for it's DocumentRoot, and hence Apache will return the forbidden code as above.

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    TowerofPower, i think you answer is correct, can you little more explain what to do with the help of example.

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