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    problem with parking a subdomain on another domain

    HI everybody
    I`ve read many tutorials about parking a subdomain in my primary host to another host... my website is , and i have another host from another host provider...
    i used ping in cmd for the name servers i had e.g

    then enetered my primary host cpanel and from "adavnced DNS management " , i added two different " A record " and enetered "" as name and the IP and TLL i had got from CMD.
    then entered my secondary host cpanel and opened parked domain and added "" ther. but when i go to i just see a blank page with the text "it works!"
    what is the problem!

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    You need to add it as a subdomain in Cpanel for instance, which will then add the DNS configuration. otherwise you get the default Apache message as there is no virtualhost for apache to match it up with.


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    I`ve added a sub domain and there is its directory in public_Html
    and then i added the IPs in DNS management...
    i am waiting for your help

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