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    Anybody else get the Chinese GoDaddy domain renewal phishes?

    We got it here at the office this morning. If wasn't tragically familiar with the usual design and look of Go Daddy emails, I may have been more alarmed.

    The whole thing reminds me of the "want to see my impression of stupid American's?" from South Park but it's an elaborate enough scheme to have somehow apparently obtained Go Daddy's customer database (the email had the correct account number and name).

    Anybody else received one of these?

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    Some of our customers receive such e-mail as well.

    Do you mind if I ask you to provide this e-mail in the body of this chat?
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    u can ask godaddy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Resellerid View Post
    u can ask godaddy
    Ask GoDaddy what?
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    I got one yesterday. but then again I get these every week. You gotta be careful out there.

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