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    choosing between server colo with remote hands vs local server with CDN

    I live in Asia , indonesia .. I have a forum with user mostly (99%) came from USA .. Hence I gotta make kind server colocation ..
    the problem is I need remote hands service to handle that colo .

    please tell me which one should I choose to for my forum ? which one cheaper ?

    choosing indonesia data center but using akamai as CDN to make faster Vs chooshing USA data center with remote hands service ?

    (you know using remote hand service mean = hidden unpredictable cost )
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    How many servers are you trying to colocate? 1 Server?

    If you will be colocation 1 server, then it will most likely be more expensive colcoation than leasing the server.

    Colocation is affordable solution when you colocate several servers +30, but when colocation 1 server, it will be more expensive.
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    Unless you need a high end server, colocation is fine so you can buy your own server without spending much in the hardware.

    Check . We use them and the people there are great and great network too.
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    if you are looking into managed co-location.

    Try - Malaysia Hosting Provider - Hong Kong Hosting Provider
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