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    Recommend me a VPS monitoring solution

    I have
    • a primary VPS that provides web hosting to the public.
    • a couple small VPSes. I'd like to use either one or both to monitor the primary VPS.
    • the small VPSes are 192MB/384MB Linux boxen. I'd prefer to run CentOS on them so everything is standardized but that's not 100% required. Nothing else of significance will run on them.
    • primary and small VPSes are in the same city though different facilities.

    I'd like the monitoring solution to make sure something is really down before it emails my phone/email - perhaps monitor at interval X, and if there is a problem, monitor again 60 or 120 seconds later, and only then page. Or something like that - I want to avoid being bugged at 2:30am with transient network problems

    It would be nice if a log was kept as well.

    I'd also like to do some monitoring on the primary VPS - i.e., if its apache goes down or there is some error in the logs, it should tell me.

    A friend recommended Nagios. I'm only familiar with godawful giant monitoring frameworks we use at my day job. Is that the way to go or should I also look at something else?

    Shoestring operation so FOSS really preferred but if there's something mind-blowingly industry-standard fantastic that is pay I could consider it.
    My advice and reviews of VPS providers based on my personal experience:

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    Hyperic is one of the more advanced monitoring software.( It is a bit resource intensive on its host.

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    It's in most Linux distributions and works exactly like you want

    Check it out:

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