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    Need Xubuntu Variant Distro working in SolusVM

    We want to use an older Backup solution called Restore -

    It's based on an older version of Xubuntu, however and our DC was not able to get it working on a server for us (network adapter driver problem).

    I tried installing it via SolusVM using Xen-HVM but it will not boot (Solus was not able to help me get it to boot, either).

    Apparently there's a way to install Restore using packages but the details on this are gone w/ the old website.

    Here's what I need and will pay for help with any of the following -

    1. A working process to install Restore on a current version of Linux (any distro that works is fine) using the packages option.

    2. A working SolusVM template (openvz or Xen).

    3. A working process to covert a Parallels VM to a working Openvz or Xen VE.

    Please reply or PM w/ the cost to do 1, 2 or 3 and a time to complete.

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    Need Xubuntu Variant Distro working in SolusVM

    thanks but i need a full version of that or someething elsee and i need more information

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